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My name is Shweta Ddugarr, join me for this spiritual experience and let the cards reveal your future!

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Shweta Ddugarr
“Life Coach.”

“Spell jars Maker.”

“Certified Angel Oracle Card Reader.”

“Sigil Maker (A Symbol For Manifestations).”

“Professional Clairvoyant Tarot Card Reader.”

“Certified Angel Healer/Therapists and Practitioner.”

“Certified Candle Healer/Therapists (Healing From Candle Therapy).”

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Hello friends,

My name is Shweta Ddugarr, I am professional clairvoyant tarot card reader / certified Angel healing therapists / practitioner / Intuitive Angel Oracle reader / Certified Candle therapists / healer and Life coach based in banglore. I have been offering tarot readings, Oracle readings / life coaching / Angelic reiki healings / candle healings and guidance for the problems related to love, career, health, wealth and prosperity and so on since 2014.

I will be helping you out in your life journey for past, present and future. I will guide you to take positive steps to bring about healing and transformation which will allow you to be empowered, to focus on achieving your dreams and to embrace your life’s true path ! I use my skills to enhance readings and provide best guidance n counselling possible all over the world.

When u seek guidance from me, I will help you to overcome the challenges or obstacles that have been holding you back.

I am a treasure trove of tarot knowledge as well as psychic reader

“Embrace your soul and discover yourself”

Thanks so much for visiting Lots of gratitude and appreciation. LIGHT ALWAYS !!


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About healing With Candles

Hello friends,

Candles Are The Strongest and Oldest way To Reach Our Desired Goal From Universe.

Candle Therapy since ancient Times, Is seen as Renewing The energies, Enhancing Luck And success, Creating Light That Was Full Of Darkness, Bringing Warmth and happiness In The World.

As A Candle Healer / Therapist When Practicing With This Ritual I Feel That It Heals Past Traumas, Whether Mental Emotional Or Physical.

If You Are Recuperating From Illness, rallying After Breakup Or Mourning A Loss, The Healing Candle Can Resonate Your Process And Return You To Wholness !

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Finding Solutions Through Angels

  • Healing from Candle therapy for every problem of life
  • Angel Oracle card readings
  • Finding solutions through Angels

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  • Monday-Saturday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM